From idea to implementation

The Germany-wide e-prescription is coming. Several years ago already, eHealth-Tec became the first software provider in Germany to fully digitise all steps in the prescription process with no media discontinuities – from doctor to patient to use in the pharmacy – and to successfully test them in pilot projects.

The introduction of the 1st e-prescription in Germany
A complete digital prescription without media discontinuities was sent in 2019 in Hamburg-Wandsbek – the prototype for Germany's e-prescription
IBM partner in the development of gematik's specialist e-prescription service
The entire e-prescription volume in Germany will be processed by the specialist e-prescription service
Technology partner in the largest Germany-wide e-prescription project “e-prescription Germany”
Development and provision of the technical infrastructure for mapping the e-prescription journey
E-prescription SDK for practice management systems, pharmacy management systems & hospital information systems
Development of additional services to enable other healthcare stakeholders to connect to the e-prescription

How was the German e-prescription developed?

Initial idea for the digitising of the prescription process
E-prescription implementation concept & feasibility analysis: first electronic prescription display as QR code
First Germany-wide e-prescription process mapping in a pilot project
Setting up of the Hamburg-Wandsbek e-prescription laboratory with Techniker Krankenkasse (TK): digitising of the prescription process from doctor to patient and pharmacy through to health insurance provider
An e-prescription is sent for the first time in Germany as part of the Wandsbek pilot project
TK’s e-prescription project is expanded across Germany. Numerous statutory health insurance providers and over 1,500 pharmacies are included
Development of the Germany-wide specialist e-prescription service for gematik alongside our partner IBM after winning the tender
Germany-wide e-prescription test phase

eHealth-Tec: Germany's e-prescription expert

From September 2022, the e-prescription will be gradually introduced in Germany, initially in the test regions of Westphalia-Lippe and Schleswig-Holstein. Even before the official launch of the e-prescription, eHealth-Tec was the first company in Germany to completely map the prescription process digitally and successfully test it in pilot projects. This established eHealth-Tec as an early nationwide pioneer in the digitisation of the prescription process.

Our technology enabled the seamless networking of doctors, patients and pharmacists, all the way through to billing with health insurance providers, for the first time in Germany. Compatible interfaces made the secure implementation of the software in existing practice and pharmacy management systems possible.

Through numerous strategic partnerships, we implemented several e-prescription pilot projects in practices and launched additional e-prescription services on the German market. Our partners include health insurance providers, telemedicine providers, and producers of practice management systems.

Our e-prescription services in action

gematik's specialist e-prescription service

From September 2022, the e-prescription will be gradually introduced for all prescriptions of prescription-only medicines for people with statutory health insurance in Germany. In partnership with IBM Deutschland GmbH, eHealth-Tec was awarded the tender for the “provision of development services, data centre infrastructure, system hardware and software within the framework of the introduction of the e-prescription” by gematik, the German Federal Ministry of Health's software service provider. As a partner of IBM and on behalf of gematik, eHealth-Tec developed the software for gematik’s specialist e-prescription service – the foundation of the Germany-wide e-prescription infrastructure that all practice and pharmacy software providers must be connected to.

The specialist e-prescription service is designed to process all e-prescription volume generated in Germany.

e-prescription Germany

As a technology partner in the largest German e-prescription project (”e-prescription Germany”) in collaboration with, among others, Techniker Krankenkasse and leading practice software providers medatixx and medisoftware, since mid-2020 we have been providing medical practices and pharmacies across Germany with smooth access to the e-prescription – from creation in practice software to assignment to the pharmacy through to redemption of the prescription using the health insurance providers’ apps. In addition to digitising the prescription process, eHealth-Tec’s role also included actively connecting pharmacies and medical practices to the technology. The e-rezept.de registration portal was created for this purpose. Together with Swisscom, the authentication of participants using Videoident was implemented quickly, easily and, above all, securely. At the end of the project, the majority of German pharmacies had the software required to be able to receive e-prescriptions. In 2022, the project will enter a new phase and offer further e-prescription services for pharmacists and doctors.

E-prescription SDK for connecting practice management systems, hospital information systems and pharmacy management systems

As part of the Germany-wide introduction of the e-prescription, eHealth-Tec offered all practice, hospital and pharmacy management and information system providers a software development kit (SDK) they could use to connect their practice management system, hospital information system and pharmacy management system software to gematik's specialist e-prescription service. The SDK was compatible with all such systems. The variable interface management simplified the certification process, saved development time and costs, and enabled automatic updates incorporating modifications made by gematik.

QES and Videoident for doctors and pharmacists in cooperation with Swisscom

As part of the “e-prescription Germany” project, our partner Swisscom, the leading telecommunications service provider in Switzerland, implemented the identification procedure by setting up the qualified electronic signature for the electronic prescription, according to eIDAS LoA 3.

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Digital prescription — put into practice



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