Digitalisation in hospitals: the cooperation between Recare and eHealth-Tec facilitates the work in emergency rooms

A seamless patient care process, from initial assessment to transfer: The interconnection between the systems of eHealth-Tec and Recare enables seamless care planning in emergency rooms. The strategic partnership of the two software companies helps to advance digitalisation in hospitals further.

No place in the hospital is as hectic as the emergency room. It is not uncommon for life and death to be at stake, and the staff must be prepared for any kind of emergency. The coordination of patients requires a lot of attention: no one knows if and when a medical emergency will be brought in or what its extent will be. 

Digital solutions that assist in the coordination of patients offer a valuable relief to doctors and nurses. They have become an indispensable part of everyday life in many hospitals. For example, eHealth-Tec has been supporting emergency rooms throughout Germany for several years with its ERPath software. In the emergency room information system, all the information required for treatment is collected and made available to doctors and nurses within seconds. The entire patient care process can be documented with ERPath, from the initial assessment to discharge and billing. 

Digitalisation in the hospital: better care with ERPath + Recare 

But what happens when the hospital is at full capacity? It is not uncommon for patients to arrive at the emergency room and not be able to be treated on-site. If there is no capacity available to admit the patient, the doctors have to find an alternative hospital. For this purpose, the company Recare has developed a platform solution for transfer planning: Free capacities in nearby hospitals can be easily found so that patients can be quickly transferred to another hospital. 

As part of a new strategic partnership, Recare’s transfer planning can now be connected to ERPath processes in a single interface: Doctors and nurses can now coordinate the entire care planning process, including transfers, without switching to another system. This saves time - which can be invested elsewhere in better patient care. 

The cooperation between Recare and ERPath not only supports hospital staff in their immediate documentation and care tasks: With the two solutions, medical facilities can meet the requirements of the Hospital Future Act (Krankenhauszukunftsgesetz) enacted in 2020. The expansion of digitisation in hospitals with Recare and ERPath can qualify hospitals for government grants as part of an overall digitisation strategy.

Read the joint press release about Recare and eHealth-Tec.

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